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Montana Office of Tourism


The Montana Commerce Department's Tourism Development and Education efforts are focused on helping the state's communities and businesses use tourism as a tool to improve the local, regional and state economy while protecting and improving the quality of life for Montana's residents.

Below is a quick look at what the Tourism Development and Education Program offers:

Tourism-related Technical and Financial Assistance

The Tourism Development and Education Program connects Montana’s tourism interests with information, research and services for product development and marketing.

Tourism Infrastructure Investment Program (TIIP) Grants

TIIP Grants invests a portion of the Montana Office of Tourism’s "bed tax" funding into new tourism facilities, the enhancement of existing facilities, and the preservation of Montana's heritage and cultural tourism treasures. Non-profit sponsors, communities and tribal nations are eligible to apply for TIIP funds which are awarded on an annual basis through a competitive application process.

Cultural Tourism Product and Partnership Development

The Tourism Development and Education Program looks for opportunities to partner and network with people and organizations interested in enhancing the opportunities for visitors and residents to experience Montana's unique cultural and heritage offerings. Partners involved in these efforts include representatives from the arts, humanities, historic preservation, community and tribal nations, economic development, public land management and conservation groups, tourism organizations, and the Montana business community.

Examples of the program’s Cultural Tourism Projects include:

  • Montana’s Cultural Treasures brochure and website – partnership with Montana Arts Council, Montana Historical Society, and Lee Newspaper.
  • Montana Dinosaur Trail – a promotion and product development project involving 14 facilities in 12 central and eastern Montana communities with support from four tourism regions and four federal and state agencies.
  • Crown of the Continent Geotourism Project – partnership with National Geographic Society, tourism organizations, businesses, land management agencies, conservation and community development groups in western Montana, SW Alberta and SE British Columbia.
  • Greater Yellowstone Region Geotourism Project – partnership with National Geographic Society, tourism organizations, businesses, land management agencies and community development groups in southern Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.
  • Indian Nations of Montana web content and publication – division-wide effort of Montana Office of Tourism working with tribal nation representatives, Montana Commerce Department Indian Country Economic Development Program and the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs.

Tourism Education Services

Tourism Education Services are provided through a variety of offerings:

Montana Tourism and Recreation Strategic Plan

Every 5 years the Montana Office of Tourism sponsors a statewide strategic planning process. The resulting plan serves as a blueprint for the state’s Tourism & Recreation Partners to use in setting goals, prioritizing resources, taking action, forming partnerships and measuring achievements.

Montana Office of Tourism Development and Education Contact:

Victor Bjornberg
Tourism Development and Education Coordinator